Our Impact


We have succeeded in obtaining more than 10,000 Citizenships granted by the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security and Immigration Services. The vast majority of these people were senior citizens.

We organized the community through obtaining the support of children, youth and seniors in order to petition the Metropolitan Transit Authority (NITA) to recognize our legitimate right to have a rapid transit system that was safe, secure and not contaminat-ing, thus establishing the Metro Line underground from Union Station all through East Los Angeles. Thanks to the support obtained from the Mexican American Opportunity Foundation (MAOF) we managed to add screens, hand-rails, doors and security for the most needed people of Boyle Heights.

Thanks to the joint work of the Abuelitos and the City of Los Angeles, 4,800 people annually are receiving therapeutic exercises to reduce the pain of arthritis by participating in our exercise programs.

With the help of the Abuelitos de Boyle Heights Board of Directors and other charitable organizations, every Christmas we give baskets of food and toys to low-income families. We have strengthened the presence of the musicians of the Plaza del Mariachi, located in Boyle Heights, by promoting and dignify-ing their artistic conduct and helping many of them obtain their citizenship to have equal rights. Among our services we include educational programs such as: English as a Second Language, History and Civics of the United States and also computer skills classes.